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fertility nutrition

If you are considering pregnancy, preparing your body nutritionally for conception is one of the most important things that Debey can help you with. Your nutritional status prior to conception will have a long-lasting effect on your baby’s health. Most importantly, being properly nourished when becoming pregnant directly influences your child’s lifelong appetite, metabolism, intelligence, temperament, as well as their susceptibility to disease, and even how their brain and organs will function.

By working with Debey to provide your body the highly nutritious foods that it needs and avoiding those that can even reduce the chances of fertility, you can increase your ease of conception and give you the desired results you need specifically. She will work with you through preconception and then to conception at 6 weeks to create a nourishing environment for your baby to grow and thrive in. Then, you will graduate to family nutrition to keep you and your family nutritionally sound and on a continued path to good health. Every pregnancy is different and therefore needs a custom designed plan to support your specific needs. Using Debey’s knowledge of herbs and plant-based living, she can help ensure that you give your baby the best possible start that one can have!