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Nutritional Response Test

Congratulations on your decision to think outside of the box! You have chosen an approach towards health other than popping a prescribed pill for the rest of your life. We will educate you on how to properly feed your body with what it needs to heal itself, so that it will radiate the health and energy you need to reach your life goals.

We begin by discovering what your body has to say by doing a non-invasive nutritional analysis to determine if you have been exposed to a stressor (like metals, toxins, immune challenges, foods or even scar tissue). How your body’s own neurological muscle group, in combination with pressure points, relate to the state of health and flow of energy in each organ and body function will help us determine where the underlying weaknesses are in the body. Our test is similar to how an EKG records energy patterns, but we don’t need to hook you up to an expensive machine. We can tell if your nervous system is active and your muscles are responding correctly in a fraction of the time, without the excessive cost and in a more comfortable atmosphere.

The Nutrition Response Test is the foundation upon which we base all of our recommendations and we feel it is paramount in order to guide your body through our recommended health improvement program. When these weaknesses are corrected and blockages are removed, through safe, natural and habitually nutritional means, the body can regain the ability to heal and support itself.