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There are many different types of yoga, but we will be implementing Hatha Yoga which is a gentle movement of body, mind and soul and focuses on posture and breathing exercises. Hatha simply means “force” and thus alludes to a system of physical techniques. Because eating is a form of devotional act to the temple of your body, you need to balance your intake of food and your filtration of wastes. The food that contains calories/fuel that the body needs and the filtration process of your body must be balanced.

The body is made of cells; cells that need life and life is defined by their capacity to grow, reproduce, process energy, respond to stimuli, function, excrete waste, constantly change and above all maintain homeostasis.

The body must be in a state of homeostasis (pH balance) between your blood and body fluids if you expect it to be free from dis-ease! Your body temperature fluid balance (electrolytes) must find an equilibrium with your blood sugar level despite the changes in the environment or the level of activity your body participates in throughout the day. Incorporating a Hatha yoga class into your healthy lifestyle choices can teach you how to balance your life in many ways!